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LASIK Procedure Day

The 2 Steps of Bladeless LASIK


The Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado is the only LASIK provider in the area that has several different bladeless (all-laser) LASIK platform options. Because LASIK is not a “one-size-fits-all” procedure, these multiple platforms give our surgeons the ability to select the LASIK technology that will most accurately and safely correct your vision imperfections.

Prior to Surgery Day: Customized Measurements
Our team will perform pre-testing to determine which technology will provide the best results for your eyes. Customized measurements are taken to determine the microscopic nuances of your eyes, such as the curvature of your cornea. We use Wavescan 3D mapping to develop a blueprint of your eye and Iris Registration™ to read the exact characteristics of your iris to accurately align the Wavefront treatment.

Surgery Day Step 1: Laser-Created Flap

The first step in your LASIK procedure is the creation of a thin corneal flap using the iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond laser. This step is necessary to allow the surgeon access to the underlying corneal tissue so it can be reshaped. The laser is computer-guided and ultra-fast (taking only 16 seconds) to create an optimal corneal surface below the flap. Clinical studies with the iFS™ Advanced Femtosecond laser have shown that more people achieve 20/20 or better vision using this technology compared to the earlier hand-held blade method.

Surgery Day Step 2: Laser Vision Correction

The curvature of your cornea will be reshaped using one of two advanced excimer lasers:

  • VISX Star 4 With Iris Registration™ Excimer Laser
    • ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser

Both technologies will use the earlier Wavefront 3-D blueprint to guide the laser precisely, quickly and safely. Both lasers use eye tracking technology to compensate for any involuntary eye movements, so the treatment remains exact.   

The entire LASIK procedure only takes minutes per eye, and most people notice vision improvements immediately or within days after surgery.

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