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LASIK Consultation

Give Us 90 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Word


You are unique, and so are your eyes. Our 90-minute LASIK Consultation will determine whether or not your eyes are right for a LASIK procedure. We typically reject 20% of LASIK applicants in favor of a different type of vision correction procedure to ensure our patients’ safety.

During the Consultation we take multiple scans of your eyes to analyze:

  • Your corneal thickness
  • The overall health of your eyes
  • Amount of refractive error
  • How aging has affected your eyes

We want this LASIK Consultation to be a two-way flow of information. We realize you will have questions about LASIK, how it is performed and more. No question is too elementary or personal – we encourage you to use this list of questions below as a starting point to get you thinking about all aspects of LASIK.

  • How will LASIK be performed – what technologies will be used?
  • What are the risks of LASIK? What complications can arise?
  • How long will I be in the LASIK suite?  
  • How many days will I have to take off work?
  • What experience does the surgeon have? How many times has he performed LASIK?
  • How much will LASIK cost?
  • What types of LASIK financing options do you offer?

Once you get the “word” that your eye characteristics are right for LASIK, it’s up to you to decide the next steps. You may want to discuss the options with loved ones. Take your time and make sure you’re 100% confident in your surgeon and comfortable with all aspects of the procedure. Just realize that every day you wait is one more day you could be living with clear vision.

To schedule your free LASIK Consultation, contact The Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado today!